A Proactive, Strategic And Collaborative Approach To Claims Management

Claims happen, and when they do, having the help of an experienced claims management team to ensure they are handled efficiently and accurately is a game-changer.

At RMA, our proactive, strategic and collaborative approach to claims management begins with the inception of each claim and continues through until resolution — we stay engaged every step of the way by advising our clients on the entire process and what to expect from insurance carriers and third-party administrator (TPA) claims adjusters.

By engaging at claim inception, we help ensure that the TPA/Claim Adjuster strategically brings the claim to resolution as quickly as possible. Why? The longer a claim stays open, the higher the cost. We make sure that claim adjusters employ specific resources and strategies to help reduce costs and bring claims to a swift resolution.

Picture, if you will, exits on a freeway. We look for “exits” from the “claims freeway” to move claims to closure. There are more frequent freeway exits in the early stages of a claim, but the longer the claim stays open distance between exits expands, resulting in elevated claims cost.

Our claims management services include a team that is experienced, focused and passionate about helping with communication and information needed to resolve claims and minimize financial impact. We educate, mentor and advise at your location and/or remotely.

We Help You Avoid:
  • higher claims costs
  • claims staying open longer than necessary
  • higher experience modification factor
  • frustrated employees
  • higher indirect claims cost
  • higher premiums

It’s critical to partner with a hands-on claims management team who understands insurance carrier initiatives and speaks the special language of claims. We make strategic recommendations to carriers and TPAs to move claims toward resolution as expeditiously as possible by ensuring the adjuster is aware of and utilizes resources, programs and/or processes that help reduce claims costs.

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