A company’s greatest resource is its employees, which means their safety is of the utmost concern. Creating a safe environment and culture takes more than implementing a set of rules, it requires clearly defined expectations, measurement, consistent recognition, and complete staff engagement.

Risk Management Advisors

Partnering with RMA as your safety management consulting firm, guides you to focus on the health and well-being of your team. Our goal is to help our clients develop a proactive safety culture where every employee can go home safe and sound.

$60 Million Firm, $650+ Employees

After 1 year

$180,000 recaptured of Risk Financing Costs

12.65% of annual EBITDA goal delivered

$1,751,921 ownership equity increase

40 less employee injuries

After 3 year

3.25% of EBITDA goal impacted, by increasing net profits

12.72% of EBITDA goal provided

$8,479,495 ownership equity increased

less employee injuries

Our Risk Management team includes three Certified Safety Professionals (CSP – Board of Certified Safety Professionals) and have a combined total of 75+ years of experience.

Interested in enhancing your safety culture? Reach Out to Us today to start building a safer, more secure workplace with RMA.